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Landscape Maintenance Service in Owings Mills, Sykesville, Westminster, and Mount Airy, MD

What is included in our landscape maintenance services?

Maintaining your landscape is far more skill-intensive than your typical “lawn care.” When you envision landscape maintenance, make sure to include services like mulching your flowerbeds, pruning and trimming up your plants and flowers, and keeping your blooms looking lovely.

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Why is Clay Creek Landscaping your best team for landscape maintenance?

The skillset and experience that Clay Creek Landscaping brings to the table are exemplified by:

  • Treating our customers like family and showing how much we care for each one.
  • Solidifying our position in the community with stellar business practices and top-quality work.
  • Keeping open lines of earnest communication.

What’s the big deal with landscape maintenance, anyway?

The health of your landscape depends on it.

The health of your lawn is, of course, important – no one wants to see brown grass. However, the health of your plants, flowers, shrubs, and other landscaped features are equally as important. Chances are you have taken a great deal of care to cultivate a beautiful and healthy flowerbed – let Clay Creek keep it thriving!

Protect your investment.

Any action you take to upgrade your property is usually an investment of time, energy, and money. Your landscape is one of the wisest and most cost-effective investments you can make. Seeing that investment wash down the drain without proper maintenance is heartbreaking and frustrating – and with Clay Creek, unacceptable.

Can landscape maintenance be worth the investment?

Watch your property value go up, up, and up.

Property values have many ways to be increased – some are hefty investments of money and can involve a great deal of construction and renovation (sometimes, it may even feel more destructive than constructive!) However, keeping your outdoor living spaces on point with gorgeous landscaping with regular maintenance is a low-cost yet high-quality way to get your property values up where you need them to be.

Saving you time and money with every trim.

You’ve spent a lot to get your flowerbeds looking amazing – a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of resources. When things like pruning, trimming, and mulch are not kept up with, it can cost you countlessly in many ways, making your investment a waste. When you hire Clay Creek to do their thing, you’re hiring the best – saving you time and money every step of the way with preventative maintenance.

Clay Creek is proud to offer lovely landscape maintenance for our residential and commercial friends of Owings Mills, Sykesville, Westminster, and Mount Airy, MD. Clay Creek Landscaping is your clear choice for premier landscaping and hardscaping services.


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