Outdoor Living Spaces in Westminster

On Point Outdoor Living Spaces in Owings Mills, Sykesville, Westminster, and Mount Airy, MD

What is included in our outdoor living spaces?

Sometimes your very soul needs the refreshment of resting your bones in the comfort of your living room… outside. That’s right, welcome to the world of outdoor living. A comfy seat with a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire no longer needs to be confined within four walls with an outdoor living space designed and installed by Clay Creek.

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Why should I think Clay Creek when considering creating an outdoor living space?

Our value is in the ideals that we won’t budge on. Ideals such as:

  • Our commitment to personalizing every interaction with our clients to give your vision a dose of reality.
  • Our promise for a customer experience that cannot be matched.
  • Our dedication to core values like integrity, honesty, and efficient use of time and resources.

How can I best use an outdoor living space?

You want more square footage? This is the way.

Sometimes it may feel like the walls are closing in – even the ones of your own home. Sometimes you want to have a gathering that feels too confined or cramped inside your living area. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just want a bigger space for all your activities. An outdoor living space grants you this wish.

Sometimes, you just need a breath of fresh air.

There is just something special about the great outdoors, isn’t there? While we enjoy all the creature comforts of home, there’s no reason we can’t have the best of both worlds – right in our own backyard. Give yourself the gift of a comfy couch and a breath of fresh air.

Is an outdoor living space worth investing in?

Giving your home a bigger footprint – without costly renovation.

Renovating our homes to include add-on space sounds like fun – until the reality of your desires kicks in. renovations can be a significant financial investment, without the return you may hope for, and incredibly time-consuming. However, an outdoor living space with features like kitchens, fire pits, and seating walls won’t break the bank and could be your perfect solution.

More than just a patio.

While the patio space is a key element to an outdoor living area, it is not the only component. Creating a space with seating, a warm and inviting fire, and beautifully appointed landscaping transforms your patio into a magical and wonderful place.

Clay Creek’s outstanding communities of Owings Mills, Sykesville, Westminster, and Mount Airy, MD, deserve only the best quality services in on-point outdoor living spaces, fire pits, hardscaping, and much more.
Clay Creek Landscaping is your clear choice for premier landscaping and hardscaping services.


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