Landscaping Services, Drainage, and more in Westminster, MD, and its nearby areas.

Located in Carroll County, Maryland, the city of Westminster is considered a suburb of Baltimore and is one of the best the county has to offer! Westminster has many great restaurants all across the city and is known to have one of the highest-ranking public school systems in all of Maryland.

Another great thing about Westminster is that we here at Clay Creek Landscaping get to call it home. Our company is here in Westminster, and we love nothing more than providing outstanding services to help out all the wonderful residents of Westminster!

Clay Creek Landscaping provides what type of services?

Clay Creek Landscaping provides all different types of services. The services we provide at Clay Creek Landscaping are:

The Clay Creek team provides full landscape designs with 3D renderings, so we can nail your vision, and there are no surprises! Once the design is done, we begin the installation. Our landscaping maintenance services include flower bed maintenance, mulch applications, and hedge or shrub trimming. Each of these services benefits the health of your plant life and the appearance of your property in different ways. When done properly and by professionals, landscaping will add curb appeal to your property and increase its value by up to 15%.

Clay Creek Landscaping believes that drainage is one of the most important services for preventing damage to your property. Our team can help you avoid flooding, erosion, and water buildup. A buildup of water will bring disease and damage to any lawn and ultimately harm any property. Clay Creek Landscaping ensures proper and accurate drainage solutions to prevent standing water and the insects or threats it brings with it.

Clay Creek Landscaping offers seasonal services, such as snow removal for commercial properties. Here in Westminster, Maryland, snow removal is a desired and sort-after service. We are delighted to do our part in giving aid to our local commercial properties during the harsh winter season.

Our hardscaping service goes hand-in-hand with our outdoor living space service here at Clay Creek Landscaping. The two services, without question, enhance each other. Clay Creek Landscaping wants to be the one-stop shop for all outdoor living space needs in Maryland. That is why we offer a variety of hardscaping additions such as pavers, patios, retaining walls, seating walls, and fire pits, as well as both stamped and regular concrete. When combined with landscaping, the result is a glorious space for relaxing or entertaining.

To perfect the look of your property, another service is required, and Clay Creek Landscaping offers that too! That service is landscape lighting, which allows you to continue enjoying any outdoor space in the evening hours. Our team offers a variety of placement and style options for any and all landscapes. The landscape lighting service not only brightens up your events but also brings a feeling of security to your home.

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